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What do children learn from Yahloni?

Yahloni is a great book to encourage and reassure self-confidence in both boys and girls.

Yahloni is a series about a young Hebrew girl growing up in a not so Hebrew world. She is trying to find balance in living up to her Hebrew roots and fitting in, in an environment that is not so friendly to her customs. In each book, Yahloni is faced with a conflict that she resolves biblically, however, she has a hard time realizing what she has done until her mom explains it to her. Yahloni also has a special gift from YAHUAH that helps her in every sticky situation she finds herself in.

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What else do children learn from Yahloni? 

Yahloni and the Matanah has a lesson to teach on contentment and being a good steward over the 

gifts with which Yahuah has blessed us.

Visit the Author's Website here. 

Ameerah Muhammad-BahtYah  is a Princess Warrior on a quest to do Yahuah’s will. A voice crying in the wilderness, “Make straight the way. The king is coming.” She is also a mother of seven, a wife, and a doula. Ameerah comes from a long line of writers, poets, and artistic warriors. It is her belief that the power of life and death lies in the tongue and that she was born for a time such as this to speak life into dry bones. Her tongue is of a ready writer, her hands of a ready fighter. 

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