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Real, Relevant & Raw

Give the genre of Urban Truth Fiction a try. Protagonists live in urban areas dealing with pertinent issues.

Urban Truth Fiction 

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Give your upper teens a genre something tasteful to read. Our Urban Truth Fiction is compared to the works of Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, and Beverly Jenkins. They are about contemporary and relevant issues about women of color. Urban Truth fiction is a cross between Christian Fiction, Urban Fiction, and Street Lit in which conflicting stories of emotion and vividness mix righteous living with faith and urban lifestyle. Violence and sex are not purposely excluded but are included whenever necessary for the storyline by weaving it into the plot with unusual twists and turns.  

The Israelite, African American, Latino, or African characters are well developed and experience emotional and conflicting plot twists in urban culture environments.  They often experience hurt that is not easily forgiven and often this is a struggle filled with a lot of drama.  Sometimes the protagonist overcomes and chooses a righteous lifestyle and sometimes they don't.  Much of this hurt comes from the church as our protagonist seeks answers to unanswered questions that cause them to struggle with their spirituality. 

Biblical principles or biblical history about Biblical people are the center of the characters' lives in Urban Truth fiction, and these stories usually portray African-American or Latino urban culture.  Some of the themes and topics considered within Urban Truth fiction cross over into theological fiction.

These books are useful for the secondary (grades 9-12th) and post-secondary (1st & 2nd year higher education) English courses, 

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