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We have a full-service publishing branch of our company and we have all the tools you need to self-publish your book.  We can help you ensure your book does not look self-published and is designed and constructed for mass distribution. 

 Self-Publishing Support Services

Consultation Packages

Pitch Party



Participation in a Weekly Pitch Party

 7 day Access to Pitch Party Videos

Post Pitch Feedback Report

Pitch Party

Diamond Package


30 minute Project Consultation 

+ Recording of Pitch Party

+ 1 page manuscript review

+ Self-Publishing Guide

Diamond Package

Bronze Package


One Hour Project Consultation

Everything in Diamond Package 

+ 10 page manuscript review

+ Cover Designer Referral

+ Publishing Logistics 

Bronze Package

Publishing Packages 

Silver Package


Affordable Support

+ Everything in Bronze Package

+ Basic Edit & Proofread

+ Basic Cover Design

+ Audience Appropriate Book Description

+ Amazon ISBN

+ Phase One Promotion Plan

+ Three Month Web-Page 

No Updates

Silver Package

Gold Package


Comprehensive Support

+ Everything in Silver Package

+ Customized Cover Design

+ Six Month Web-Page

Two Updates

+ Professional ISBN 

+ One Book Review

+ Phase Two Promotion Plan

Gold Package

Platinum Package


Most Valuable Support

+ Everything in Gold Package

+ Ebook Layout

+ Phase Three Promotion Plan

+ Basic Book Trailer 

+ Web-Page for 1-year  

Quarterly Updates

+ Affiliate Program Opportunity

Platinum Package