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  I AM a Daughter of Sarah is an inspirational book of affirmations. It features bright beautiful images, inspiring statements and bible verses. It is inspiring to all ages. Your daughter will love these beautiful images and feel empowered by these affirmations.

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Rebbecca Baht Yisr​ael was recently birthed into writing children's books, after two years as a graphic designer, making illustrations and book covers. Rebbecca is a wife, mother, author, business owner, college student, and daughter of The Most High. She wrote I AM a Daughter of Sarah for her own daughter. She had a book of affirmations she enjoyed, but it included pagan images Rebbecca preferred not to have her daughter worship. That book also only included parts of scriptures from a translation she did not support. Rebbecca felt inspired to create a book that embodies her beliefs. Her upcoming projects include: custom personalized versions of I Am a Daughter of Sarah, activity books, and unique handmade Daughter of Sarah bracelets.