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The Supernatural Power of Fasting and Prayer by Pastor Stevie Robinson and contributing Writer Michelle Rhnea (Boisseau) Yisrael 

Spiritual warfare is real. Rather than give the evil one more attention and focus, this book encourages an alternative. Whether the spiritual warfare you are experiencing is new, generational, or even an ancestral battle. The Supernatural Power of Fasting and Prayer helps readers tap into the power of God’s promises and his plan for you. This book offers a robust and candid approach to the difficulties in our ordinary lives at work or home and in a world filled with uncertainty.

Pastor Stevie Robinson, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and now lives in Chicago, Illinois. Pastor Steve is how he is affectionately referred to in his circle. He founded and leads Preacherhead Ministries, Inc.

Pastor Steve was inspired to launch the Poor and Needy project when he was asked to do missionary work in Zimbabwe. This work forever changed the trajectory of his life. While in Zimbabwe, he witnessed a level of poverty like he had never seen before. Yet even in these dire straits, He saw laughter and joy which made him appreciate his blessings all the more.

He preaches the gospel and made people aware of how important it is to give to the poor and needy, particularly if one is looking to get access to God’s kingdom.

Pastor Steve comes from a musical family; his dad was a guitarist, and his mom was a gifted singer. He sings and plays the piano and guitar. He believes being a musician has helped to shape who he is today. He and his lovely wife Renee, who is also an accomplished vocalist often perform together in praise and worship. He has eight children that include several talented award-winning musicians. To get in contact with Pastor Steve, [email protected] His organization's website is