Free To Be Me is a story about A'marie the Azar,  the first of a series of stories where the heavenly host, Amarie,  goes to the aid of urban youth in trouble. She helps them with their difficulties and ensures they are on track for quality living before returning home to Liberia. Her major goal is to help children whose childhoods would otherwise be stolen and those who may not have a chance to reach their goals and grow their talents.  She draws them to God while she helps.  In book one, A'marie answers this call for a new purpose in her life, she becomes a heavenly host to children. 

A note from the author 

I started putting my thoughts to paper because as a human being, I forget I am beautiful, I am smart, I am funny, I am kind, I am UNIQUE, I am worthy of love and I am worthy of affection.  I am never too much, and I am always enough.  As much as I love television, movies, and music, they don't always do the job of reminding me of my worth.  I never want girls or boys to feel like I have.  Instead, I want to help them value themselves.  But even when they inevitably do, I want them to remember A'marie and her struggle for the freedom to be herself and to find her purpose.  The only family she's ever known couldn't wait to get rid of her.  You come through your heartaches, disappointments, and misdirections like A'marie does with every story.  You are precious.  Release yourself from fear.  The unknown and failures are nothing to be scared of.  You learn that.  Keep it in your heart and mind so that even when you're down, you'll fly.  

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Naamee Yisrael earned a Bachelor of Arts Media Communications and is the co-founder of Sunshine Moxie Entertainment. She loves baking and has earned certifications as chief baker and food service management. Chef Naamee, has a wealth of experience in craft services where her passion lies, and event planning. She is currently building a culinary business called Good Galley Eats, providing healthy jarred options and a variety of desserts to several stores in her area.  She aspires to be a good person who brings smiles, joy, and warmth to the lives she's able to touch using her gifts, skills, and talents.