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We are your parent helpers.  I AM Media Books literature for children help parents tell their children about biblical history and culture by providing age-appropriate Bible study books and Sabbath School curriculum – all peer-reviewed for accuracy and authenticity. Many of our children's books come with activity book companions to enhance their learning and reinforce what they learn at home.

We believe that The Most High is the loving Father of all children. It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Him and Christ so they can find salvation through the good news of the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to the law, their culture, and eternal life. We believe that children and parents experience long-term benefits from a solid biblical education program in the home and community. The Truth Twins have  Bible stories in their toolbelts and use them to assist children in journies to build character and solve real-life problems.  

Noah's Ark of Courage tells the story of the rainbow covenant, the cultures of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, as well as the family's great level of courage and faith. The Truth Twins learn not to succumb to peer pressure.  In Special Days for a Special Me, The Truth Twins explore the holy days in Leviticus 23 and have fun celebrating them with family and friends who go all out in celebration anticipating The Great Day of Jubilee.  In Fifty Shades of Me, the twins delve into the identities of major biblical characters while getting a glimpse of Deuteronomy 28 and the stolen people of Zion. Follow The Truth Twins on their journey to build character and grit while they find out about their ancestors.  Look for more from The Truth Twins and their quest for knowledge and salvation.  Bully Busting is the story of The Truth Twins and their struggle with bullying at school.  The stories of David, Saul, Daniel, and Esther as their tools for dealing with the growing struggle to turn the situation around. 

About the Truth Twins Series

Author: Michelle Rhnea Yisrael

Audience: Full-color storybooks and coloring books for children ages 2-8 and chapter books for children ages  9-12.

Purpose: My ideal buyers are Black parents and Bible school teachers. Black children are disconnected from Bible characters because they can’t see themselves. Melanated children will benefit from The Truth Twin series because they will connect to the characters and reap the benefits of these stories.  Studies show that disruptive children and at-risk children shy away from literature because they do not see themselves in the stories.  The stories available to them, especially bible stories, are not relevant to them.  All children need to see themselves in literature to benefit from these stories. The early years of school is when children often begin to lag behind in academics and start to engage in both disruptive behavior and negative peer pressure. It is more important than ever to bond our children to strong morals and values. The Truth Twins will help solidify this necessary bond.  "Train up a child in the way he should go, AND WHEN HE IS OLD, he will not depart." Proverbs 22: 6. 

The Truth Twins & Noah's Ark of Courage

by Michelle Rhnea Yisrael

Follow Chaveeayl and Chaveevah, The Truth Twins, on their journey to understand the Word of God and practice the things they learn.  The first of the Truth Twin series is Noah's Ark of Courage.  The Twins struggle to understand the courage of Noah and his family as they prepare for the flood and survived it.  

In the second book of the Truth Twin Series, Special Days for Special Me, The Truth Twins work to encourage a new friend whose family recently adapts to the new lifestyle of Holy Day celebrations.  They show their new friend Joel how to love, celebrate, and enjoy through patience, sharing information, and edification.