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The Jeremiah 9 Woman 

52-Week Prayer Journey

The Jeremiah 9 Woman 52 Week Prayer Journey is a call to personal action for Women who live by the Word of God and have a desire for continuous growth.  As women of God and Jeremiah 9 Women, when we understand our own purpose and know him deeply, we depend on him more and more while our families and lives are strengthened. The depth we seek is acquired in prayer. The Jeremiah 9 Woman 52 Week Prayer Journey provides a platform for either individual study or sister's prayer circle study.  It makes a thoughtful gift for sisters who seek a space to grow in study, in obedience, and in pray in a small prayer group of sisters. The activities are meant to guide sisters through a study for self-purging and reflections to make us better women of The Most High and increase our prayer abilities for ourselves. It is designed especially for women of God just like you, this is a personal prayer journal for daughters of the Zion! The Prayer Journal includes inspirational scripture verses to guide spiritual growth and questions regarding the lives of our foremothers which will drive you into the scriptures for further study.  The activities will fuel your own fervent and faithful prayer life. You will also enjoy beautifully illustrated motivation straight from the Bible, prayer prompts, as well as hidden surprises you will find delight! It comes with a journal for your reflections and notes. 

Michelle Rhnea Yisrael has been honored to empower women and children for over 30 years. She has a master’s degree in English from Chicago State University, A Master's in Online Teaching from the University of Illinois Springfield, a soul degree in love, and possesses a passion for nurturing the human soul. Ms. Yisrael was a district leader for 8 alternative high schools on the Southside of Chicago where she trained and managed principals, teachers, and support staff. Additionally, she was director of an alternative high school and dean of instruction for another. Ms. Yisrael has been an educational leader for 37 years. She founded and operated an independent school for much of that time while managing a budget for two city-funded programs and two federally funded programs simultaneously. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at Chicago's Kennedy-King College and is one of the education coaches for She is one of the co-authors of T.R.U.S.T. Classroom Management program. Professor Yisrael is a writer for I AM Media Books and author of The Jeremiah 9 Woman a 52-week prayer journey, The Enemy Within A Survivor’s Story, In Each Moment: An Anthology of Short Stories about Life & Love, and Freedom to Engage: A critical auto-ethnographic analysis of a community college professor.