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In Each Mo​ment

by Michelle Rhnea Yisrael

In Each Moment: An African-American Anthology of Short Stories

About Life & Love

Get ready to go on a journey through the many phases and stages of love; you will not be disappointed. In Each Moment is an evocative narrative anthology of African-American short stories and poems anthology of short stories and poems giving voice to those who can't raise theirs and recommended for secondary and post-secondary classrooms, women's book clubs, and Women’s Studies courses, women's support groups. It is packed with literary devices great for scholarship.

The stories depict the struggles, hurts, joys, and triumphs of women longing for the one thing that would make them feel whole and fulfilled love. The main characters experience a myriad of emotions from immense joy to unchartered struggles, to sheer trauma and pain, they are characters you can feel. You will experience simple pleasure and deep connections. You will experience love and loss. You will experience despair, understanding, and solace. Whether love, loss, or life-altering moments you will be entangled in the emotional web. In Each Moment is an Urban Fiction book with a twist of academia that avoids the usual salacious language of the genre. 

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