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Attention everyone with children who love the color I need some sample colored pages from my book so I am holding a coloring contest isn't that so exciting!


1) print off your desired coloring sheet.

2)have your child color the page (at the top of the page include your child's age name and something special they want me to read on the video<keep it short>

3)scan the coloring page

4)email it back to me at [email protected]

5) all submissions need to be submitted by Saturday at 3pm Pacific Standard Time 12/28/19


The winners will be picked by live video Saturday after the sabbath at 5pm Pacific Standard Time 12/28/19

Judging will go as follows:

I will show each colored page and you, the people of Facebook will vote. The 3 coloring sheets with the most votes will win!


* Your child will win a chance to have their artwork displayed on my website.

*The full digital download of the 3 Little Hebrew Boys and The Big Bad Wolf Coloring and Activity Book.

So don't forget to tell your friends and family to tune in and vote for your child!

SATURDAY @ 5pm Pacific Standard Time 12/28/19