Seeing themselves in the literature has a significant positive impact on our children and our society as it encourages children to read, advances their comprehension abilities, and contributes to our children developing healthy perceptions of themselves and their place in society. Our books are peer-reviewed, of good quality, and sound doctrine.  

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Social and Pedagogical Empowerment 

It is important for children to 

see themselves in books. There is power in it.

1.   It encourages a positive self-perception. When chil​dren see characters that look like them, speak like them, or live in environments like them, they begin to place themselves in those stories, forming positive perceptions of themselves.

2.  It tells them what’s important, what matters, and who matters. 

3.  It helps children with the vital skill of reading with comprehension and establishes an affinity with reading – the more children enjoy reading, and find meaning there, the more they will come back to books.

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