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B​uried Treazures

Memorialized In Ink

You cannot match the power of well written or spoken words to evoke healing. Evocative writing opens up people’s minds to see possibilities they can only imagine. Buried Treazures offers bereaved families the opportunity to commemorate the life of their loved one in the literary form of their choice. We transcribe people’s lives into customizable narratives to celebrate the life of the deceased and aid the family in their grief process. Death often leaves those left behind miserable and tormented, left with questions, regrets, and what if’s. Buried Treasures gives bereaved families an opportunity to settle their score with death and emerge with a piece of personalized memorial literature to honor the legacy of the deceased.

About Us​

     Buried Treasures was manifested out of tears, We have come up with a self-tailored and streamline the process for those who mourn to memorialize their loved ones in ways the media and society often overlook. When Founder Tracy Bass's 19-year old son Marquis D’Angelo Frazier suddenly died, she struggled for years to release herself from death’s scorn. Not only did she tragically lose her son to violence; he left his daughter behind without a father. She did not want death to overpower her son’s legacy. More importantly, She did not want an unsolved murder to dictate her granddaughter’s memories of the father she barely knew. Tracy's personal epiphany gave birth to the evocative narrative we use to create a safe space for bereaved families to uncover their own buried treasure. Investing herself in the process of putting the pen to paper to give voice to her memories empowered Tracy to transform her memories of Marquis into a “What if” creative fiction work to honor and cherish his memory. Writing a fictional story based upon her son’s mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, and even his imperfections brought her back to life and gave her the power to function following his death. She founded this company to give this power to other people. Buried Treazures soothes the sting of death and gives those who remain victory over the grave.

What motivates us?

Words motivate us. You cannot match the power of well written or spoken words to evoke healing. Evocative writing opens up people’s minds to see possibilities they can only imagine. Words invite identification, interpretation, and incarnation. For this reason, we see words as powerful tools for bereaved families. We use writing as a way to memorialize an individual’s legacy and help keep the memories of lost loved ones alive for years to come. The research-based process of reflective writing paired with a crisis intervention model produces a memorial narrative process, provides closure for living friends and family members, and embeds the personality of the deceased into the minds of current and future generations. Memorial stories invite people to remember and revere the deceased’s past, present, and future.

Recent Customized Memorial Narratives

John Conyers Postcard

We Da People Graphic Novel

Types of Narratives we Offer

  • Poetic
  • Bibliographies
  • Fictional
    • Short stories
    • Novels
    • Graphic Novels
    • Coloring Books
    • Comic Books
    • Picture Books
      • past
      • present 
      • future "What if"